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When we exercise we are inspired and propelled by the feeling we get of accomplishment. We all do things based on our perception of satisfaction. Are we satisfied by doing our very best -or - are we satisfied by doing. Think about it.

When you were a kid did you play sports because you were great at them - or - did you play because you felt satisfied being part of a group, possibly growing in skill as you became more dedicated?

I guess this is where the question of motivation comes in. When we are motivated we usually draw from our experiences of acceptance and accomplishment based solely on active behavior. Another way of putting it is -- we do because we have done. So, when it comes to motivation for fitness training can we draw from the same "feelings"? We at think so. I've put together a little top 5 list for getting back into the swing of your exercise program when your motivation is down, please read the following tips:

1) You'll never have "the perfect fitness program" - simply do, rather than "not do". We would rather have a client perform their exercises at 60% over nothing at all. Trust me -- there is benefit.

2) Concentrate on your positives. What I mean is, simply focus on the things or exercises that feel good and help to boost your confidence. Often folks will over analyze their weaknesses as if scrutinizing weakness in fitness will encourage you to do better -- after 15 years in this business I can certainly tell you NO, it will not.

3) Exercise with a friend or personal trainer. I often will ask the help of a fellow trainer in order to get a fresh perspective of the work out session. Remember one work out at a time. Sure and steady will see you to your goals.

4) Reward yourself with clothes, new music, a trip to an old friends house, you get the point -- notice I didn't mention food, more on that later.

5) Don't create battles you can't win! If you know that a piece of cheesecake is 500 calories and you normally eat your favorite dessert 7 days a week -- that’s a whopping 3500 calories a week or 1 pound of pure fat! Follow your diet plan! My point is - start with the small and most controllable efforts in motivating yourself to see results. Does 5 pieces of pizza really taste any better that 2? Fight battles you can win! It would take the average person several hours of continuous exercise to burn 3500 calories.

Remember you'll be super motivated if you are seeing results -- the best way to stay motivated is to continue seeing consistent results!

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